Safety tips for solo women travellers

It’s not really my preference to travel alone, I like to have somebody there to share the experience – I’ve still had some fantastic solo trips. The first time I hit the road on my own, I was pretty worried about being a lone woman and felt vulnerable and a little scared.

Luckily, that feeling didn’t last long, so I thought I’d share some tips about how I managed to feel comfortable as a woman travelling alone.

Choose your accommodation carefully

Figure out a safe location. For me, walking alone at night is the worst part of travelling solo, so I always make sure to book accommodation that’s really central, right next to a train station, and when possible, in an area I know will always be busy and full of people.

Stay close to other travellers

There are times when you don’t want it to look like you’re alone – getting off a long-distance bus or train, or at a major sightseeing spot – because that can make you vulnerable to people selling souvenirs or accommodation or generally making a nuisance of themselves.

I just walk close to a group of other people so it’s not clear that I’m alone.

Be prepared to enjoy your own company

Sometimes, eating out alone will be fine, but in some places you might feel that you’re the centre of attention. When I travel alone I’m also quite happy to take a meal back to my hotel room (and then with a half bottle of wine!) and settle in for the night with a good book or some hotel TV.

Be prepared to meet other people

One of the big joys of solo travelling is you’re much more likely to make friends with your fellow travellers. Be open to suggestions for joint sightseeing trips with people you meet at a hostel or on a bus, but be wary too. I would usually only go with a couple or with a group of girls, rather than with a guy or especially a group of guys.

You just have to use your best judgement.


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