Benefits of traveling by train on holiday

Whether you are planning a trip for yourself of for your family, travel will be something which you need to consider. Traveling by train has a few benefits which make it the ideal method. Here are a few reasons why traveling by train on hour holiday is the best option.

There is less frustrations when you use the train for your holiday

When you book a plane ticket there is a great amount of frustration and cost involved. You have to pick the airline that you want to book with, find the exact date, the amount of days which you are staying, read their baggage procedures, ensure that everything meets the security protocols, and such. Then after you have done all of this you have to go through the tedious process of finding a departure flight that meets both their and your schedule.

Booking a train ticket for your holiday is far less strenuous. Generally, all you will need to know is when you plan to depart, from where and where you are going. Most train services provide several trains to any particular location multiple times during the day, so even if you do happen to miss your train, you can exchange your ticket for the next one with little frustration.

traveling by train

There is far less invasive security with a train then with a plane

Where there is an amount of security with any traveling that you will do, plane transportation has gotten a bit ridiculous with the methodology of their security. From full body scans to regulating the way in which you have to pack your toothpaste and nail clippers, airlines have gotten a bit extreme with the whole process. If you add to this the measures taken when booking your luggage, then you have quite a bit of a problem.

Train security does monitor the baggage which is placed upon it, but with far less security then planes. This is not to say that a train is less secure; far from it. Security and monitoring of the train is done consistently by trained professionals. The difference is that the security on trains is done from a non-invasive perspective (when possible). This means you get to enjoy the trip instead of spend the whole time frustrated with an unnecessary frisking or search. Most trains also do not require that you have your passport, papers, and the endless stream of other papers required by other traveling methods. Generally, your ticket and an photo ID is all that is needed.

You are far less likely to have your baggage end up missing

One of the things which are very annoying about traveling for holiday is the possibility that your luggage will be lost along the way. Planes are notorious for loosing baggage, and where you may have a day bag/carryon bag, it is still very frustrating when you lose the rest of your clothing for your trip. I believe that the size of the airlines has a great deal to do with this. There are simply too many flights and too many people to keep up with everything effectively.

Traveling by train minimizes the risk that your baggage will be lost in a few ways. First, the railways are not as complex of a system as the air routes. If a piece of baggage is left on a train then you do not have to track down which train out of hundreds it was that you were on. Secondly, although the number of trains is increasing, there is still a bit of individuality to the train services which allows for riders to have far more control over their luggage and their carry-ons.

Traveling by train provides a more scenic route

I really enjoy seeing the countryside, as do a great many people. Trains provide you with the opportunity to experience a scenic route to your destination which other means of travel do not provide. There is something a bit tranquil about viewing the country from a train, especially if you are covering a vast expanse of Europe. For example: If you are traveling from London to Paris you will notice the difference in the architecture of the various countries in between your location. You will also note that landscape has definitive traits to that region. With a plane all you get is clouds and a bird’s eye view.

These are but four reasons to travel by train when you take your holiday. There are many more considerations such as the elimination of tight spaces, no fear of heights with trains, and a more leisurely experience. If you are going on holiday, I would strongly recommend that you look into the various railways which are available for travel. I am sure that you will find the experience to be quite fitting for your holiday.


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